Our history

Be it Melt-in-Mouth Gulab jamun or a decadent slurp of Rasmalai – Indian sweets indeed have a special place in our hearts. India is a treasure trove of delectable desserts and it is no surprise that no celebration is complete without sweets. Just the thought of having these mouth-watering, delectable sweets can leave us with an aftertaste of happy, blissful memories. 

Through YourHalwai, we bring a slice of India to your doorstep. But how did it start? It would be interesting to share with you, what makes us who we are – The top number one sweet (mithai) – makers in the UK Our journey of making sweets dates back to 3 generations who have passed on their ancestral wealth of recipes of traditional Indian Sweets handcrafted with love by our forefathers. 

Our family of Mithai-makers has its origin in Bikaner, which is also known as the sweet capital of Rajasthan.

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